Work in progress


“Are you working in the dark?”

SCR - have you seen me? (1)

SCR - have you seen me? (2)

SCR - have you seen me? (3)



Sketches for a map mural, to improve the waiting room, highlight local health related locations and to collaborate with public health and the patient groups.


OpenArtSurgery –  An art gallery to improve the experience at Woodingdean Medical Centre (Brighton, UK) and beyond.

How to combine interests in helping people, health and art.

A way to promote health and improve the local environment, document the local scene, help fundraise for patients and the community, promote creative community activities & artists and tell stories.  We would also like to interactively understand the effect visual art has in wellbeing with some research (Connect, Learn, Give).



Creating a loose Brighton&Hove Artist-Medic group, to foster the scenius principle.


Art memes that bring us together.

Such at POV:

A project I am researching, to improve our ability to see another’s point of view.



Further images can be seen on Flickr.

Like the river and the sea...everything returns - Exploring harmony series - Brighton 2015 - acrylic on canvas 100cm x 100cm)

A study of "Sisters on a sunny day" - acrylic on canvas - 50x50cm

NYX - order from chaos, the night and our dreams - acrylic on canvas 120x80cm

Wormholes from birds feet

you&meme&you - acrylic on canvas 100cm x 120cm

East Brighton - acrylic on canvas 100cm x 120cm

Vision - acrylic on canvas, 50cm x152cm

Happiness Championing

What’s this?  Have you heard of  the 5 ways to wellbeing: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give.

This is a sandbox for some early and evolving ideas that may tick a few of the 5 ways at the same time.


Brighton, dreaming, dreaming… with analogue film – MF & 35mm (Notice, Learn).

Jonathon - MF film - Brighton July

West from the Palace Pier - Brighton

Rockpool strolling, as the sun goes down - Brighton

Shafts of light - Brighton Pier January

Wheel & Pier - Brighton December

Sea foam - Brighton

Passage - Brighton

A little swell - Brighton

Splash - Brighton

Pebbles - Brighton September

Tranquil evening - Brighton September

Brighton pier - November

Rockpools - Brighton September

Sundowner over rockpools

Ovingdean break

Brighton September





Planning some sounds to align to visual art, where we can get creative and find ways to stay more involved with the kids as they learn.  Surfing, dancing…same.

Currently researching music production, suggestions welcomed.


Stories with the kids

Illustrated/collaged stories made with the kids (starting to play with this one, made a test version and sent to print, more to come soon.  I’ll share when ready).



My fascination with geometry and pattern naturally leads me to create tesselations (playing in the background, who doesn’t like doing this?).


Medicine Men/Women

I have long been interested in doctors and their counterparts in other cultures.  I would be interested in working on a project in this area.


Across time & space

I am planning a series of collaborative artworks.

Simultaneous sameness and difference, connection & continuity.

Matter, genes, ideas, culture, art, consciousness, the divine… as continuum and conduit.

Practicing the feeling of connection and continuity.

This will take practice (I’m giving myself 10 years).

Creation, direction, curation, collage, feeling, sensitivity, timing.

One piece every decade for the next 60 years.

Then one piece every century, and then one piece every thousands years and on and on…

Process for creation of each piece recorded by de.

For example: “Piece A”

Persons – collaborator selection process eg. number x of a list of volunteer artists, or artist x with volunteer industrial design company y.

Space – Parameters within which the art is created, eg. artist x in an enclosed room x dimensions in London with z materials and certain directions from de.

Time – one of the directions recorded by de and played/stated during the creation will be when the work is “complete” (possibly unknown to the collaborating artist).



An idea for a audience collaboration piece that plays with the idea of audience as artwork, but also with the idea of being captured in image/artwork, data capture, artificial intelligence, the unknown future.  With consent, capturing images of those coming to see the art work at one site only, but creating a piece locally and online, that could then be projected in planetarium style anywhere.  Playing with connection, inclusion/exclusivity, community and immortality, as it continues to grow.

There would be an agreement for the piece to remain art and the ownership/use protected.  Giving it some freedom to grow.

(I have most of the idea, but need to create a space & time to spend on this)




de General Practice Fabrica – Brighton & Hove

Completed – a typology of general practices on 35mm B&W analogue film & Flickr (Connect, Notice, Give)

Benfield Valley Healthcare Hub - County Clinic

The Practice, Boots, North St

Portslade Health Centre

Links Road Surgery

Hove Park Villas

Goodwood Court Medical Centre

Benfield Valley Healthcare Hub - Burwash Road

Seven Dials Medical Centre

Matlock Road Surgery

The Ridgway Surgery

The Avenue Surgery

The Willow Surgery

Allied Medical Practice - Church Surgery

Lewes Road Surgery

Preston Park Surgery

Beaconsfield Medical Practice & Stanford Medical Centre

The Haven Practice

Mile Oak Medical Centre

Ship Street Surgery

Brighton Homeless Health Centre



A community’s vision to promote Health and Wellbeing.  We’re starting to connect via the practice, patient group, library, public health, the council and voluntary sector, early days yet, help required (Connect, Notice, Learn, Give).
Growth - acrylic on canvas, 50cm x152cm


Ideas for art with utility, based on the community’s vision, helping to take notice of the activities and services available to the community.  From simple bookmarks and bookbags to T-shirts and possible interactive installations in practices.  I have also started a googlemap, to connect the dots and demonstrate the possibilities.  Something citywide like this could be helpful in libraries and waitingrooms, like interactive touchscreen mashups of Bring the Happy and It’s Local Actually with a broader remit  (Connect, Notice, Learn, Give).


A way to help me remember things I’m reading, dipping into & learning.  With a co-located medical centre and library, I’m happy to promote reading, learning & books (Notice, Learn, Give).


Gardening with the family – borrowing my wife’s love of gardening and how she’s got the kids involved.  I get some digging, vegetables & noticing.  I’m also happy to promote better nutrition with this and via other links with the medical centre, patient group, schools and local horticultural society (Connect, Be Active, Notice, Learn).