Stories with the kids

Illustrated/collaged stories made with the kids (starting to play with this one, made a test version and sent to print, more to come soon.  I’ll share when ready).



My fascination with geometry and pattern naturally leads me to create tesselations (playing in the background, who doesn’t like doing this?).


Medicine Men/Women

I have long been interested in doctors and their counterparts in other cultures.  I would be interested in working on a project in this area.


Across time & space

I am planning a series of collaborative artworks.

Simultaneous sameness and difference, connection & continuity.

Matter, genes, ideas, culture, art, consciousness, the divine… as continuum and conduit.

Practicing the feeling of connection and continuity.

This will take practice (I’m giving myself 10 years).

Creation, direction, curation, collage, feeling, sensitivity, timing.

One piece every decade for the next 60 years.

Then one piece every century, and then one piece every thousands years and on and on… as the universes cycle.

Process for creation of each piece recorded by de.

For example: “Piece A”

Persons – collaborator selection process eg. number x of a list of volunteer artists, or artist x with group y.

Space – Parameters within which the art is created, eg. artist x in an enclosed room x dimensions in city Y with z materials and certain directions from de.

Time – one of the directions recorded by de and played/stated during the creation will be when the work is “complete” (possibly unknown to the collaborating artist).



An idea for a audience collaboration piece that plays with the idea of audience as artwork, but also with the idea of being captured in image/artwork, data capture, artificial intelligence, the unknown future.  With consent, capturing images of those coming to see the art work at one site only, but creating a piece locally and online, that could then be projected in planetarium style anywhere.  Playing with connection, inclusion/exclusivity, community and immortality, as it continues to grow.

There would be an agreement for the piece to remain art and the ownership/use protected.  Giving it some freedom to grow.

(I have most of the idea, but need to create a space & time to spend on this)



The ability to be open to another’s point of view.

I want to create an initial project that helps me to understand how art can help with this.

I have started to do some reading.

This is a big one, I’ll need help.