Feeling the pulse

Taking  project “Hope” and allowing the poem-painting combinations, to evolve into pulsating land- & sound-scapes, that move the heart.

A large installation, diving into and through the imagery of these worlds, pulsing to the sounds.

Steroids part IIEarly phase sketching, key-framing & pulsing…

Collaborators welcome.



Taking “Feeling the pulse” further, to move the feet, into smaller spaces.

Early phase sketching, scratching and sampling Jaya’s voice to create beats…

Collaborators welcome.



A special interest in dermatology.

Progressing through the Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology (organised by the Centre for Cell Biology and Cutaneous Research in the Blizard Institute, and the Department of Dermatology Barts Health, Queen Mary University, London).


Starting by imaging skin and textures wherever I can.

Not sure where this is going yet.

Just letting it get under…


I believe this helps my clinical skills (and I’m not alone).


Noticing, noticing, noticing…

Caring, feeling, curiosity,

listening, reflecting, communicating,

Invaluable clinical skills,

Swords to polish…


Collaborators welcome.



The ability to be open to another’s point of view.

I want to create an initial project that helps me to understand how art can help with this.

I have started to do some reading.

This is a big one, I’ll need help.